Music Video

Mac Miller - The Star Room

The video depicts the journey of an open-minded character as they navigate the world, discovering and evolving along the way. I had the privilege of collaborating with the incredibly talented Sam Mason, who designed the characters for the video. The storyline begins and ends with a candid embryo-like character, showcasing their growth and transformation through diverse landscapes and encounters. My goal was to capture the essence of a transformative journey while maintaining a childlike curiosity towards exploring different worlds.

In addition, I drew some inspiration from the film "Moonrise Kingdom," from which the song takes a sample from the movie's soundtrack at the beginning, it inspired me to enhance the sense of childlike curiosity and adventurous spirit in the video. The visuals were primarily based on the lyrics of the song, integrating surreal inspiration and imagery to complement the narrative. Objects encountered throughout the video were thoughtfully selected to align with the song's rhythm and enhance the storytelling.

Project information

To bring the video to life, we meticulously crafted a hand made layered collage-like technique. We employed a diverse range of physical mediums such as paint, color pencils, gouache, and more. The production involved a combination of 3D animation, 2D animation, footage integration, and VFX, all working together to support a surrealist vision through a handmade vivid, textural, and colorful world.

Directed by Danae Gosset

Produced by Pencil TV

Characters Design and Animation: Sam Mason

3D Lead: Vasco Gross

CGI: Tijmen Snelderwaard, Luca Martinelli, Victor Roussel

2D Animation: Alienor Delaporte, Gabby Sibilska, Madelene Wikskär, Zoe Partouche, Dana Roth, David Carrasco, Jessica Alemdjrodo, Youjeong Lee, Merce Iserte

Title Design: Julie Pavia and Vasco Gross

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