Netflix - Heart of Stone

In crafting the title sequence for the film "Heart of Stone," directed by Tom Harper and starring Gal Gadot, (produced by Netflix) our objective was to enhance the dynamic essence of the movie. Our focus was on accentuating the action-packed theme, bringing to the forefront the vibrancy and energy encapsulated within the narrative, all while maintaining a visually graphic and textured environment.

Immersing ourselves in the cinematic world, we meticulously recreated various facets of the film, providing a comprehensive journey for the audience. Following the protagonist, Gal Gadot, through these intricately re-imagined scenes, we aimed to encapsulate the essence of some of the scenes of the narrative.

Project information

A distinctive feature of our approach was the initial creation of the entire title sequence in 3D, lending depth and dimension to the visual experience. Subsequently, each frame underwent a meticulous hand-painting process. The frames were then carefully re-scanned and processed, ensuring a seamless integration of the handcrafted elements into the digital realm.

Our methodology aimed not only to capture the pulse of the film but also to offer a unique blend of digital precision and handcrafted artistry, culminating in a title sequence that serves as a captivating prelude to the cinematic journey that unfolds in "Heart of Stone."

Production Studio: Pencil TV

Directed by Danae Gosset & Danica Tan Lijun

Co-Producer: Federico Matarazzo

3D Producer: Danica Tan Lijun

3D Animators: Takayuki Sato, Luca Martinelli, Johnny Lee, Ayana Kubota

Character Modelers: JHill & Alex Boatman

Character Rigger: Alex Boatman

Character Animators: Mindy Lee & Clara Bigache

Assistant 3D Animator & 3D Texture Artist: Deena Ramli

2D Animators: Alienor Delaporte, Isabel Stub, Lea Becquet, Jessica Alemdjrodo, Zoe Partouche

Lead Design & Art Direction by Danae Gosset and Danica Tan Lijun

Storyboard Artist & Character Design: Ewa Luczkow

Type Designer: Jeremy Rieger

Type Animation: Dev Valladares

Title Design & Animation: Matthew Curtis

Additional Title Animation: Mikey Kelly

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