La Pente

La Pente, a Brooklyn-based skincare company, was founded on the principles of using seasonal and local ingredients to create unique and effective serums. The brand's branding and packaging reflect its commitment to using raw, natural ingredients and the small-batch production process. By standing out in a market saturated with mass-produced products, La Pente differentiates itself and appeals to consumers who value quality and authenticity in their skincare products.

Project information

For the skincare brand La Pente, our design approach emphasized a hand-made feel to showcase the local, seasonal ingredients used in their serums. The packaging design was created to be modular, allowing for easy updates to reflect the changing ingredients used in each seasonal batch. This approach reinforces the brand's commitment to using raw, natural ingredients and appeals to consumers seeking authentic, high-quality skincare products. The result is a packaging design that successfully enhances the local virtues of La Pente's products.

Created together with Jens Marklund.

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