Mac Miller - Making Faces

The short film, "Making Faces," directed by Sam Balaban, highlights the creative process behind the making of Mac Miller's EP "Faces." This film provides an intimate look at the production of the EP, showcasing the hard work and dedication put into bringing Mac Miller's musical vision to life. By giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the making of "Faces," "Making Faces" offers a unique perspective on the creation of music and provides a deeper understanding and appreciation of Mac Miller's artistry. 

Project information

For the introduction animation of the film, our team was tasked with bringing Sam Balaban's shot footage to life. We utilized a combination of mediums, working frame by frame to create a textural and colorful animation. In addition to the 2D animation, we also created several 3D shots featuring Mac Miller's memorabilia, such as items from his iconic studio, the red room. By incorporating these personal touches and utilizing a variety of techniques, we were able to deliver an animation that was visually captivating and memorable, accurately introducing the film and honoring Mac Miller's legacy.

Introduction Animation Directed by Danae Gosset

3D Animation: Vasco Gross

2D Animation: Alienor Delaporte

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