Music Video

Low Island — Don't Let The Light In

Exploring the song’s themes of trying to capture memories, and inspired by the movement of Pina Bausch, the video is a cyclical loop; a moment preserved. We see a woman dancing, undisturbed and unaware, as the environment around her changes. From a field to an ocean, to cars passing around her, nothing will come in the way of this moment in time.

Project information

Don’t let the light in is a music video that was initially created in 3D. The frames were then worked through a 2D color separation process and sent to a risograph printer. The frames were then scanned and finally sequenced back in the computer to make the final music video. All the set transitions have been created using Artificial Intelligence (GANs)

Directed by Danaé Gosset
Art Direction: Danaé Gosset & Danica Tan
3D Design & Animation: Danica Tan
2D Design: Danaé Gosset
Character Animation: Farrah Silberman
Choreography inspired by Pina Bausch
Risographe by Maison Riso
Thanks to Jagermeister

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