For the Artdib branding project, our objective was to create a visually striking and dynamic look that would set the brand apart from traditional art gallery branding. To achieve this, we employed a bold and vibrant color palette and a unique typography system based on shapes. The shape system was designed to be modular, allowing it to evolve with each new artist and collection. This approach was intended to break the mold of traditional gallery branding and appeal to a new kind of clientele that was seeking a fresh and dynamic art experience. By combining color, shape, and typography, we created a branding identity that was playful and inviting, reflecting Artdib's mission to democratize the art market and promote young artists.

Project information

Artdib is a hybrid concept that combines the features of an online art gallery and pop-up exhibitions to increase the visibility of young, emerging artists in the art market. The project was founded in 2020 with the goal of democratizing the acquisition of artworks, particularly online. Artdib serves as an incubator for young talents, offering a platform for artists to showcase their works and connect with potential collectors.

Studio: Pencil

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